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Mask VM-6 is designed for protection of divers respiratory organs and sight from environmental effects during technical, rescue and other kinds of underwater operations. The mask is produced in two versions depending on complete equipment and purposes.

    Tetis Group Face fastening of the mask is carried out with head harness and five belts. Mask frame is supplied with wide and soft sealing edge obturator which provides comfortable conformity practically to any face type and follows its form without requirement for strong tension of head harness and belts. Dead mask volume is minimized because of internal half mask realization. Breath and exhalation valves installed in half mask are incorporated with corresponding ports in pulmonary automatic machine. These ports are divided and that excludes mixing of inhaled and exhaled air. At a breath air from the pulmonary automatic machine at first comes upwards on the port through the transient valve in the left half of half mask in under-mask space behind illuminator. Then air comes through the transient valve on the port to the right side of internal half mask directly to inhalation. Constant air circulation in under-mask space prevents illuminator from weeping. The pulmonary automatic machine has the balanced design. Resistance to inhalation/exhalation is low and that provides ease of breath. The balanced design of the pulmonary automatic machine keep low resistance to breath independently of pressure fluctuations in air supply hose which can arise for example at diving in hose variant. The pulmonary automatic machine provides regulation of resistance to breath from maximum to a mode of continuous delivery.

As additional equipment special brackets for lights and cameras mounting are offered. In a lateral side of viewing mask glass is placed a bore for communication sets installation. Communication set consists of a phone and a microphone. For connection with communication cable there is a waterproof connector. The phone is placed in the rigid case which fastens to lateral side of viewing mask glass by nut on flexible armature that allows quickly and conveniently adjust to the individual size of head. Microphone installation directly on a half mask opposite to mouth in a combination with the minimum air volume of an internal half mask provides good legibility of divers speech. In the set without communication module in bores of a lateral side of viewing mask glass and half mask installed caps.

Technical characteristics:

The mask can be maintained in the range of temperatures:

  • water -2 +30 ;
  • air -30 +40 .
Work of breathing in mask (model 1) up to 3 Joule /liter Weight up to 1,5 kg


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