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Diving equipment SVU-5  Diving equipment

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Television complex  Television complex

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Группа Компаний Тетис Про Tetis Group The diving television complex with analog-to-digital recorders is designed for underwater video shooting in the normal and reduced water transparency conditions, cable image transmission to surface video monitor and video recording equipment.

Television complex in a base case includes:
  • underwater color imaging video device with the wide-angle lens, supplied with an automatic diaphragm and built-in lights,
  • generator of overlay,
  • TV-tuner, DVD-recorder,
  • four-track video recorder,
  • TFT monitor 15 ",
  • power supply unit,
  • special cable 75m length,
  • cable winch with rotating slipring.
Operating environmental conditions
  • The ambient temperature for: Manual video camera: -10°C … +50°С; Connection cable: -18°C … +45°С; Power supply unit, video recorder, monitor: +5°С -+ 40°С;
  • Relative humidity for: Manual video camera and connection cable: without restriction; Power supply unit, video recorder and monitor: 35 % … 80%.
  • Operating depth: up to 60 m

Technical characteristics

Группа Компаний Тетис Про Tetis Group


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