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Diving equipment SVU-5  Diving equipment

SVU-5 Helmet  SVU-5 Helmet

Full face mask VM-6  Full face mask VM-6

Emergency breathing  equipment with diving harnesses  Emergency breathing  equipment with diving

Regulator AVM-12  Regulator AVM-12

Remote block  Remote block

Deep sea diving boots  Deep sea diving boots

Dive knife  Dive knife

Air supply panels  Air supply panels

Diving stations of rapid deployment VSBR  Diving stations
 of rapid deployment

Intercom station  Intercom station

Television complex  Television complex

Magnet locks  Magnet locks

Diving equipment SVU-5 is designed for divers life support during the underwater search-and-rescue, technical and other kinds of operations (depths up to 60 m, temperature -2 +35).

The equipment is produced in two models:

  • 1. SVU-5-1 with helmet
  • 2. SVU-5-2 with full face mask.
Basic elements of equipment:
  • Diving helmet SVU 5 with wire-connected communication headset and lights
  • Full face mask VM-6 with wire-connected communication headset and lights
  • Emergency breathing apparatus with suspension system and ballast kit
  • Diving dry suite
  • Deep sea diving boots
  • Rubber fins
  • Dive knife
  • Welders helmet shield

Main advantages of SVU-5 equipment:


  • Every model offers complete equipment set for diving operations, placed in special transport cases.
  • Every part of equipment can be used separately from the complete set.


  • Emergency device increases safety of diving operations.
  • Specially developed suspension system provides equal distribution of weights on the divers body and ensures lifting of diver from water in an emergency cases; equipment is supplied with system of emergency ballast dropping.
  • Large pulmonary ventilation allows to execute hard work.
  • Atmospheric valve which is installed on the breathing apparatus allows switching to atmospheric air without removing of equipment.
  • Communication headset provides high legibility speech in both directions.


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