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    Tetis Group The diving helmet is designed for providing the necessary living conditions and maintenance of underwater operations. The helmet isolates divers head from environmental conditions, protects it from possible mechanical shock and ensures thermal shielding. SVU-5 helmet the unique serially manufactured in Russia helmet, equipped with the breathing automatic machine and operates with open scheme of breathing. Breathing through the automatic machine considerably reduces the air-flow rate and noise in helmet, eventually communication quality improves. The tests conducted by divers have proved reliability, comfort and application safety of SVU-5 helmet.

Advantages of SVU-5 helmet
  • high-efficiency breathing automatic machine is applied which provides small resistance and work at breath;
  • breathing automatic machine is simple and convenient in service, can be easily mounted and demounted at membrane status check. For special diving conditions fixing collar for rubber cover of breathing automatic machine is provided;
  • functionally convenient, easy-to-work and highly effective system of helmet drainage in case of moisture ingress;
  • equipment fittings provide the performance with various types of diving communication stations;
  • high communication quality and legibility of speech;
  • quick release connectors provide convenient putting on and removal without using of the special instrument;
  • helmet cervical connection flange (cervical ring) is unified with helmet flange SupreLite 27 and can be used both with regular diving GK SVU suit and with any other suits that have flange connection for helmets SuperLite 27, 37, 47 and 57;
Differences between SVU-5 helmet and SuperLite 37 (27) helmet
  • helmets weight ensures neutral buoyancy that secures smaller fatigue of neck muscles;
  • atmospheric valve which is installed on the breathing apparatus allows switching to atmospheric air without removing the equipment;
  • increased range of vision due to change of glass slope angle and its closer face arrangement;
  • flexible hose of breathing automatic machine ensures convenience of installation and the best protection at mechanical effects;
  • advanced block of valves - large rubberized flywheels handles that ensure convenience of switching to air emergency supply at work even in thick gloves;
  • forced blasting system for illuminator glass prevents weeping and also can provide air supply to helmet in ventilation mode;
  • standard mounting brackets for video camera and lights.

Main technical characteristics:

    Tetis Group

    Tetis Group     Tetis Group
1 body; 2, 3 mounting ports for camera and lights; 4 blasting system for illuminator glass; 5 a half mask; 6 illuminator; 7 water drain valve 8 half ring; 9, 20 ballast; 10 handle; 11 distribution block; 12 connection hose; 13 atmospheric valve flywheel; 14 deflector; 15 ring; 16 communication module with connector; 17 latch; 18 screw; 19 washer; 21 inhalation valve; 22 pulmonary automatic machine; 23 microphone; 24 phone; 25 nasal support; 26 pipe; 27 ring (9V8.684.212); 28 ring (9V8.684.123); 29 handle; 30 ring (9V8.684.267); 31 exhalation valve (9V7.141.029); 32 ring (9V8.684.235); 33 screw; 34 a ring (9V8.684.217); 35 a ring (9V8.684.226), A main supply fitting, B emergency supply unit, E bolts.


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