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Panels are designed for air supply to divers from various sources taking into account operations depth and air booster in equipment; are used for supply of divers descents in ventilated equipment or in equipment with the open breath scheme in hose variant (depth up to 60 m). Panels are developed in mobile and stationary models for fastening to bulkhead. In mobile model equipment and accessories are placed in metal or plastic cases with convenient handles for transportation.

In construction of panel is integrated new raised productivity reducer VDS 232/25 which is specially developed for these purposes. Unlike number of import analogues VDS 232/25 has characteristic to be not frosted over during the operation at low temperatures. The reducer has built in safety relief valve that provides reliable protection of air system.

In standard set mobile diving panels have:

  • two independent high pressure inputs (up to 232 kgf/cm2);
  • two high pressure flexible hoses 1,5 m length with pressure release assembly;
  • two fittings DIN 5/8 for aqualungs cylinders connection;
  • two fittings for standard transport 40 l cylinders connection.
Mobile diving panels can be connected to any sources of high pressure air. The design of panels allows replacement of air sources during the underwater divers operation.
Stationary panels have one high pressure input (up to 232 kgf/cm2) or one middle pressure input (up to 30 kgf/cm2) for air line connection.
Two and three divers models have pneumatic depth sensors that allow to receive precision data regarding the operations depth of each diver.
Best russian and foreign fittings and accessories are used in the design of diving panels PPV series. Due to application of detachable joints panels have good adaptability to manufacture and maintainability.
Unification of basic details gives chance to make panels in any configuration and place in any case according to purposes of Customer.
Panels completely correspond to requirements of operation in Russian environmental conditions, allow to provide descents in any type of diving equipment.

Air supply panel PPV-1V
Panel PPV-1V is designed for one diver operation, who is equipped with one reducer, has no pneumatic depth sensor. Basic purpose of panel PPV-1V immerse maintenance of one diver on small depths; use panel as
    Tetis Group Air supply panel PPV-2VG-2
Panel PPV 2VG 2 is design for two divers operation (depth up to 60 m) who are equipped with two reducer and two pneumatic depth sensor. The panel is mounted in rigid plastic case with the convenient handle for transportation. All accompanied hoses, fittings and adapters in the assembled positions are placed in case. Application of two reducers VDS 232/25, independent switched air supply lines (high pressure air on the input and middle pressure air on output) provides:
  • raised reliability of all system in case of one of the reducers failure, another will supply air for two divers in full;
  • two divers operation on different depths;
  • two divers operation in different equipment with various air boosters.
Input valves provide the switching of any high pressure input to any reducer, in addition simultaneously connect various sources of compressed air.
PPV-2VG-2 - multiple-purpose panel of raised reliability. It is used during the most difficult and responsible diving operations; it is base system for complete set of diving station, carrying out of descents and underwater works for one diver and maintenance of the safeguard diver.
Air supply panel PPV-2VGT-2
Mobile panel is developed on the basis of diving panel PPV-2VG-2. Panel PPV-2VGT-2 is equipped with telephone wire communication between the surface operator and one or two divers both in duplex and in simplex modes. The telephone diving station is additionally equipped with operators headset (with push-to-talk key), power unit (line supply 220 V), accumulator and charger that are placed in case. Air
    Tetis Group
    Tetis Group Air supply panel PPV-2VG-2-S
Stationary model of panel is made on the basis of diving panel PPV-2VG-2 and intended for stationary placing in diving compartment of vessel. PPV-2VGT-S is connected to high pressure air ship system and provides immersing of two divers from vessel in hose variant equipment.
Air supply panel PPV-3VG-3-S
Stationary model of panel is designed on the basis of diving panel PPV-2VG-2-S and intended for stationary placing in diving compartment of vessel. PPV-3VG-3-S is connected to high pressure ship air system, provides immersing of three divers in hose variant equipment.
    Tetis Group
    Tetis Group Air supply panel PPV-2VG-SD
Stationary model of panel - for two divers. The panel is connected to middle pressure ship air system, has two pneumatic depth sensors. In addition as a source of compressed air can be used power pump.

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