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Группа Компаний Тетис Про Tetis Group The complete set of АVМ-12 regulator consists of reducer VR-12 and pulmonary automatic machine with hose. Both products are designed for professional use in the severe conditions, including operating at low water and air temperatures, and also in environments with the raised level of oil products.

Reducer VR-12 has balanced membrane mechanism that provides stable characteristics irrespective of pressure in a tank. Spring and reducer’s membrane are completely isolated from environment by special dry chamber. Pressure of environment is transferred to a working membrane through a rigid pusher. In reducer VR-12 there is a possibility for regulation of setup pressure. Reducer is resistant to frosting. Standard set of reducer VR-12 provides four average pressure threaded port s with thread 3/8 "and two high pressure threaded port s with thread 7/16". Safety valve installed in one of 3/8" thread ports for the purpose of using the reducer with counter flow pulmonary automatic machines. Model VR 12-1 has two average pressure ports with thread 3/8" and two ports with thread 1/2 " for connection of hose Pulsair with increased diameter. Connection between reducer and tank is carried out by DIN fitting.

The complete set of reducer AVM-12 has passed a full cycle of tests in laboratory and full-scale test and is unique due to the firmness to frosting and safety. Respiratory characteristics of reducer correspond to requirements of European standard EN 250.

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