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Diving equipment SVU-5  Diving equipment

SVU-5 Helmet  SVU-5 Helmet

Full face mask VM-6  Full face mask VM-6

Emergency breathing  equipment with diving harnesses  Emergency breathing  equipment with diving

Regulator AVM-12  Regulator AVM-12

Remote block  Remote block

Deep sea diving boots  Deep sea diving boots

Dive knife  Dive knife

Air supply panels  Air supply panels

Diving stations of rapid deployment VSBR  Diving stations
 of rapid deployment

Intercom station  Intercom station

Television complex  Television complex

Magnet locks  Magnet locks

Magnet locks are designed for construction of load clamp (lifting eyes), temporary fixing point of diver, running ends and hogging lines, underwater lights, indicative marks, scale rulers, measuring tapes, etc., baskets with diving tools and other objects on ferromagnetic surfaces of underwater objects (ship shells, sheet pile wall etc)

Magnet locks consist of:

  • magnetic system;
  • body with eyelets;
  • switching-off drive gear.
The magnetic system is designed for clamper deduction on a steel surface; the switching-off gear allows to neutralize the most part of magnetic hold-on force at installation and clamper removal; the body with eyelets unites all parts of clamper in a single device and has brackets, buckles and other lifting equipment installation points.

Magnet locks FM-50     Tetis Group

  • arrangement of suspension point (hook, lifting eye, carbine) for divers basket (box) with tools;
  • 30 50 m tape measure installation on the surface of operating object;
  • fixing at the operating point of divers safety harness (work on currents);
  • installation of bracket for underwater lights (for illumination of operating area);
  • installation of bracket with video camera and lights for control of divers operations;
  • installation of running ends and hogging lines by no-dock floatages hull repair-and-renewal operations;
Magnet locks FM-200     Tetis Group
  • arrangement of suspension point (hook, lifting eye, carbine) for divers basket (box) with tools;
  • arrangement of equipment and steel constructions from surface to operations point, weight up to 200 kg;
  • installation of basic buckles on object in order to fix, for example a steel sheet in point of welding;
  • installation of demountable handles (buckles) on steel constructions (weight up to 180 kg) in order to relocate these constructions by diver during mounting/demounting operations;
  • Fixing of steel sheet or cross-section on object for subsequent welding.
Magnet locks FM-400     Tetis Group
  • For arrangement of cargo buckles (lifting eyes) on steel constructions (weight up to 400 kg) for their descent and lifting to operations point.
Magnet locks kit includes:
  • assembled clamper;
  • users manual.
With magnet locks kit may be supplied mount fittings for lights and video cameras.


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