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Diving equipment SVU-5  Diving equipment

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Dive knife  Dive knife

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Группа Компаний Тетис Про Tetis Group The dive knife is designed for underwater operations:
  • As a cutting tool
  • As a measuring ruler or a probe
  • For clearing of small surface areas from oozy deposits, loose rust or peeling paint.
In emergency situations the knife also provides cutting / sawing of steel wires, diving cables and hoses in case of their tangling. The knife is an element of diving equipment and is allowed for use in its structure.

The knife endures a load which is imposed to the midpoint of its handle:

  • At a blade jamming on depth of 20 mm from an edge – up to 50 kgf
  • At a blade jamming on all length – up to 150 kgf
In emergency the knife provides:
  • Five-fold sawing of untempered steel wire in diameter up to 4 mm
  • One-fold sawing of tempered wire in diameter up to 4 mm and steel cable in diameter up to 8 mm.
  • The main characteristics:

    Overall dimension, mm370 x 110 x 65
    Weight with sheath, kg0,7
    Length of safety rope, m1,1

    Delivery set:
    Dive knife, sheath, safety rope, belt, retainer ring, abrasive brick, user manual.


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