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    Tetis Group Intercom divers station SVS-2P-S is designed for maintenance of loud-speaking double-end telephone communication either in the 2- or 3- wire mode between:
  • The operator and one or two divers, either operating under water or situated in decompression chamber,
  • For divers communication among themselves and with the operator.
High communication quality is provided by:
  • suppression of network frequency and multiple harmonics that is especially important at carrying out of underwater welding,
  • existence of protection from pickups and wandering currents,
  • optimization of speech path frequency characteristic which has raised legibility of speech;
  • suppression of noise from air (incoming and outgoing from helmet);
  • automatic amplification adjustment that keeps the established loudness of sound, both for operator, and for divers invariable;
Besides, the station has possibility to:
  • output of talks with all subscribers on a separate socket for tape recording;
  • connect portable (deck) loudspeaker by capacity 10 W;
  • works with various types of communication cables;
  • operation without reconfiguration of both low- and high-resistance communication headsets;
High reliability of station SVS-2P-MS is provided by:
  • power source both from external sources 220V 50Hz or 12 24V DC and built-in accumulator. At fall of external power source the station automatically switches to the built-in accumulator without interruption in communication. Light indication of power sources switch and charge level of built-in accumulator is provided in station;
  • possibilities for carrying out the operative wire and headset diagnostic in case of communication interruption with diver (breakages, short circuits and cable or headset wicking);
  • possibilities for surface operator to work without the portable console, instead of it to use the loudspeaker as a microphone (loudspeaker is integrated in the obverse panel);
Modular construction makes it possible to repair the system in field conditions or on the side of the Customer by replacing the failed PCBs with new ones without soldering and additional configuration of the replaced module.
Station SVS-2P-MS is produced in the shockproof water-proof case. Design features allow to use station both in portable and stationary variants.

Technical characteristics

    Tetis Group

Delivery set includes:

  • two-diver communication station SVS-2P-MS;
  • portable operator's console with a cable 7 m length;
  • mating cable connectors for divers wire and power source cable
  • users manual
With stations SVS-2P-MS in addition can be delivered:
  • portable loudspeaker with the built-in amplifier and 10W power supply;
  • divers headset (telephone & microphone).

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